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we interviewed fashion blogger alison gary of wardrobe oxygen

Alison started her blog in 2005 and has helped women of all shapes and sizes with fashion and beauty tips along the way.

She’s puts together outfits for all age groups, budgets, and occasions. From work outfits to weekend wear. She’s got you covered!

fashion blogger, wardrobe oxygen, alison gary

Fashion Blogger Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen

We love her philosophy of quality and not quantity and her list of staples everyone should have in their closet.

We met up with Alison for the BlogHer event in New York City this summer where we drank wine and talked about keeping up on social media and more:

AlterKnit: What’s your favorite color?
Alison: Orange!

AlterKnit: Which food is your favorite?
Alison: Oooh that’s a toughie, either sushi or tacos though my husband can cook a mean rare steak!

AlterKnit: What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog?
Alison: I have a 9-5 with a government contractor, but when I’m not working I love going to concerts and music festivals. This summer I spend every moment I can at the pool with my daughter.

AlterKnit: What inspired you to start your blog?
Alison: I was traveling for business and needed a place to journal what I wore so I wouldn’t be caught by a client in the same outfit twice!

AlterKnit: Do you have a favorite sweater brand?
Alison: I used to be a fan of J. Crew merinos but the quality has fallen the past few years, I’m looking for suggestions!

AlterKnit: What is your favorite holiday?
Alison: Labor Day – I live in a small town that has a big festival – midway rides, a pageant, parade, Best Citizen award and more. It’s adorable, I feel as though I live in Mayberry every Labor Day weekend.

AlterKnit: What was your first job?
Alison: I worked at a florist, and it was the BEST. Flowers are always for love, even if it’s a funeral or an apology. I also loved the smell of all the greenery.

Ocean City Cover Up by Kim Kash

Ocean City Cover Up by Kim Kash


AlterKnit: What was the last book you read?
Alison: Ocean City Coverup, by my friend and neighbor Kim Kash

Alterknit: Whole Foods or Trader Joe?
Alison: Neither, in the DC area we have a chain called MOM’s and it is the BEST!

AlterKnit: Cow Milk or Almond Milk?
Alison: Goat!

AlterKnit: Flats or heels?
Alison: Heels!

AlterKnit: Dye hair or go gray?
Alison: I say you do you, but for me, I like a complete brunette head!

AlterKnit: Botox or not?
Alison: Not for me.

AlterKnit: Regular or diet?
Alison: Neither! I’m a Pelligrino addict.

AlterKnit: Favorite sports team?
Alison: I cheer on the Nationals for my mom, who is a baseball fanatic, but personally I don’t follow sports.

AlterKnit: What did you have for breakfast?
Alsion: Two eggs and half an avocado with black coffee.

AlterKnit: Who is your favorite superhero?
Alison: Wonder Woman, she knew how to accessorize

AlterKnit: What is your favorite website?
Alison: Is Feedly an answer? I love how I can access the feeds of all my favorite blogs and sites in one place.

vintage dress two potatoes

Fashion Blogger Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen

AlterKnit: If you could live in another place where would it be?
Alison: Somewhere warm, not humid, and free of mosquitoes. I wish I could take my house and move it to such a location!

AlterKnit: If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?
Alison: The Story of a Stylish Klutz (I have two left feet and am known for bruised knees, broken bones, and tripping over my own shadow)

AlterKnit: Do you follow other bloggers? If so which ones?
Alison: Une Femme, The Coveteur, Artfully Awear, Grechen’s Closet, Nicolette Mason, StyleIt, Girls of a Certain Age, The Militant Baker, The Not Vanilla… I love blogs and subscribe to dozens of them!

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