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MWS Supplies

Cheryl Kilbourne-Kimpton & Tommy Boyer

If you’ve ever left a sweater with us at the Chelsea drop-off then you have these two to thank. When you come to drop off you are entering their wardrobe supply heaven. They are THE professional hair, makeup and wardrobe supplier to the film, television, and theater industry. In addition to being a retail store, they’ve supplied to Hamilton, Shuffle Along, Gotham, Elementary and almost every play or musical that has been on Broadway.

This post is personal for us because Tommy and Cheryl have been instrumental in the success of AlterKnit New York. We love you guys!

Meet Cheryl & Tommy:

What have we fixed for you?

C&T: Scarves and sweaters.

What’s your favorite color?

C: Purple.

T: Black.

What’s your favorite restaurant?

C: Prune Restaurant.

T: Cookshop.

What do you do to unwind?

C: Tai Chi.

T: I’d rather not say.

Smartek Commercial Sweater Shaver

Smartek Commercial Sweater Shaver – Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

What inspired you to start your business?

C & T:¬†We both worked in film for 30 years. When we were working on set and needed supplies, we¬†realized there wasn’t one place where we could get everything we needed.

What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve learned about starting your own business?

C: It’s hard to make money in retail.

T: Who knew your wholesaler would sell direct to your customer at wholesale prices?


Before you opened MWS, you both worked in the film industry. What project was the most challenging and what are you most proud of?

C: Age of Innocence was the most challenging. I am most proud of Fried Green Tomatoes.

T: The Jackal was the most challenging. Chicago I am most proud of.


Tommy you know both people in the picture above. Tell us more.

T: I worked as Richard Gere’s dresser on the movie Hachi. I fell in love with the star… the dog. I’ve now had Hachi for over seven years but I call her Sachi! That’s my girl.

Do you have a favorite sweater brand?

C: Eileen Fisher.

T: Prada.

What is your favorite holiday?

C: 4th of July.

T: Me too!

What was your first job?

C: Hotel maid.

T: Paperboy.

Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics B-Dazzle Shadow

Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics – Manhattan Wardrobe Supply


What was the last book you read?

C: Outlander Series.

T: Drift by Rachel Maddow.

We know you recently expanded. Can you tell us about any unique products?

C&T: We now have a full-service hair salon. We also now carry Rituel De Fille and Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics.


Dye hair or go gray?

C: Dye.

T: Mine’s on the way out.

Favorite sports team?

C&T: Don’t care.

What did you have for breakfast?

C: Smoothie.

T: Protein shake.

Who is your favorite superhero?

C & T: Wonderwoman.

Eucalan Fine Fabric Wash - Wrapture Jasmine

Eucalan Fine Fabric Wash – Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

If you could live in another place where would it be?

C: Saint Paul de Vence.

T: I love New York!

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?

C: It Didn’t Go as Planned and That’s Ok.

T: Free for A Day.

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