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Where the Pros Shop: Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

If you’ve ever left a sweater with us at the Chelsea drop-off then you have these two to thank. When you come to drop off you are entering their wardrobe supply heaven. They are THE professional hair, makeup and wardrobe supplier to the film, television, and theater industry. In addition to being a retail store, they’ve supplied to Hamilton, Shuffle Along, Gotham, Elementary and almost every play or musical that has been...

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Cleaning with The Laundress

Posted By on Apr 12, 2016

Cleaning with The Laundress

We have been friends with Gwen and Lindsey-superduo entrepenuers of the Laundress -for many years now. We not only reknit their favorite sweaters in need of hole repair but we also use their products! Head AlterKnitter Miriam can’t get enough of her favorite Laundress scent Baby. She uses both the detergent and fabric fresh spray on just about everything she owns. They have just opened the cutest retail shop in Soho, NYC. So next time...

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Get Dressed with Alison Gary of Wardrobe Oxygen

we interviewed fashion blogger alison gary of wardrobe oxygen Alison started her blog in 2005 and has helped women of all shapes and sizes with fashion and beauty tips along the way. She’s puts together outfits for all age groups, budgets, and occasions. From work outfits to weekend wear. She’s got you covered! We love her philosophy of quality and not quantity and her list of staples everyone should have in their closet. We met...

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What’s the Buzz?

Posted By on Aug 17, 2015

What’s the Buzz?

We are very excited here at ALTERKNIT NEW YORK to launch our new blog!   One of the things we love is getting to know our customers. We fix clothes belonging to some very interesting people. So interpersed with different types of entries we’re kicking off our blog with one of our favorite customers JESSICA MCNAMARA.   We’ve reknitted a hole in one of her leg warmers and altered a pretty green striped dress. Jessica...

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planning to drop off in nyc?

We are a trusted nationwide service with customers sending us garments from all 50 states.

For your convenience and for you to save on shipping costs we have a NYC local drop-off spot located at

1216 Broadway 2nd Floor-the entrance is located on 30th St.
New York, NY 10001

Please note! There is always someone to receive your items. However we do not offer on the spot diagnosis. We pick up daily from this location and we will call you once we review your item and then go over it with you.

For simple hole repair just drop off and join the fix it line!

If you need a body, sleeve shortening or hem knit alteration and are comfortable marking the length or width yourself and/or you or someone you know can pin it for you, you can drop it off and we'll take care of the rest.

If you would like to be pinned by a specialist, please book a private appointment either online or call us at 212-473-6363.

We're here to help and look forward to restoring your wardrobe!