Care through repair

Care is at the core of everything we do here at Alterknit.

Caring goes beyond the time and skill we invest when repairing your items. It is further reflected in the measures we put in place to operate ethically and sustainably.

The fashion industry is changing and we are leading the charge with our founding principle of shifting the conversation to repair not replace. Fashion manufacturing solutions are complex with many still in the idea phase. However, we believe impactful change can and does happen one garment at a time. This change is happening now through services such as our's.

Where we stand

That doesn't mean we are going to push some hocus-pocus narrative on saving the planet. The truth is that no garment or accessory is going to last forever, but we can do our part. Beyond repair, we can share some helpful tips on preservation, but we know life happens while you enjoy your clothes.

This is where we step in by giving you a choice on what to do next and by offering a proper repair that will sustain the life of your garment for as long as possible.

Because we care, your restored items will not only look amazing but will last longer through whatever life throws at you. And when your stuff comes back home to you hole free you will not only see our magic but feel it too.


Dear alterknit... (just asking)

The most common cause of moth holes?

DIRT! Don't be afraid to dry clean or wash your sweaters by hand or on gentle delicate in your machine (now is the time to break out that mesh bag). Neither will harm your garment - in fact your cashmere and wool will feel even softer. Plus, washing away food and dirt will leave less behind for moths and other critters to munch on.

What can i do?

Check in with your wardrobe! Out of sight is not out of mind and might just lead to your favorite sweater or suit being out of your closet for good. So check in with your clothes, commit to regular cleaning schedule after multiple wears and in between seasons. There's a lot of noise on the internets about not cleaning but we have years in clothing after care and just can't get behind that. Keep it clean folks!

When bad things happen to good sweaters

We've seen it all over here and fixed it too: your favorite office cardigan caught in a desk chair wheel with blown out elbows? Your son's baby blanket hugged to shreds? The Missoni wrap you wear to the beach now full of snags? Or the everyday v-neck you bought at Uniqlo- it wasn't expensive but they don't make that color anymore. We save it all and restore it like nobody's business.

What's up with all the pills and fuzzies?

We've got good news and bad news on this one. The bad news is that cashmere and wool will always pill to some degree. The good news is what you love about cashmere and fine merino - its softness - is what makes it pill. So for example cashmere is a short hair fiber (we know you weren't planning on a science lesson) which is why it's so soft and comfy. Short haired fiber strands, when they come in contact with friction, can tend toward fuzzing and then pilling. Antidote: Get yourself a sweater comb or shaver and maintain your sweater's surface regularly, especially the hip areas and the underarm seams. (You know what we're talking about!)

Snag - you're it!

Get your snag to us before it gets worse. A snag is so much easier to fix when the yarn has not been broken. Most holes start as a pull and then ends up tearing because most of us keep wearing it without treating the snag. Next thing you know the snag rips and then usually runs! So catch your snag before it tears!


Hey, did you know...

THOUSAND garments...


...saved from the landfill, back in wardrobes (and counting!)

62.6% of people are...


...afraid of a bad repair (we don't do those).

20 year minimum...

card the amount of experience a member of our team has before touching your garment.

85% of our


...are fixed by fingertips on garments made by machines.

10 million stitches...


... under our belt to become master restorers. Chunky knit to the finest summer weight, we stitch it all!

almost 40%...


of repair requests are on botched repairs (aren't you glad you found us first?)


In alterknit we trust

We understand the trust in placing a treasured garment in our hands. We never judge how it happened or what it cost. Brand, fiber or age we do not discriminate. Everything gets the same top-shelf care and attention to detail. We want what you want! -Your clothes back where they belong in the front of your closet and at the ready. So take some time to read more about our story, check out our portfolio and follow us on Instagram to see the work we have done and the work we are doing! And if there is anything you want to ask we are here via phone, email or chat.

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