Keep It Clean

What will a finished repair look like?

We use a restoration process called reweaving or reknitting depending on if its a knit or woven fabric. It is done by hand and produces a nearly invisible repair. Fiber is discreetly taken from the original garment so the repair blends naturally into the fabric. This works especially well on moth holes, tears & cigarette or cigar burns.

Can you fix snags?

Yes we can.

Can You Fix This?

Wondering if we can fix your sweater? Just send us a picture and for you local New Yorkers you’ll save yourself a trip to our drop off location.

I tore my pant suit getting out of a cab. Can you fix a tear?

Yes we fix wovens every day.

Can you hide loose threads?

Yes we can.

What about a torn neck line? Can you reattach it?

Yes, this is a very common repair.

I have a huge hole in the underarm of my sweater. Is it fixable?


Can you shorten my sweater?

Yes, we shorten all body lengths including sleeves.

My sweater has stretched out on the sides, can you take it in?

Yes we can take in your sweater by way of the seams, as well as taper the sleeves.

How do you match the yarn so it looks invisible?

We first will invisibly “harvest” the yarn from your own garment. If we are unable to take it from the garment itself, we have an extensive fiber library to draw upon.

I don’t like the neckline on my sweater. Can you alter it?

Yes, we can restyle collars and plackets as well as other areas of the garment. We use our expertise and years of experience to customize the sweater to your satisfaction.

How much will my repair cost?

We know that price is important to you when deciding if you want to invest in caring for your garment. Since most of what we do is done by hand and damage varies from piece to piece, it is difficult for us to give you an accurate price without seeing the garment. However,¬†we determine pricing, here are a few factors that we take into consideration: the difficulty of harvesting the yarn or thread from the garment, gauge of the knit or woven fabric and size of the damage. If you have any further questions call us, we’d love to hear from you.

How long will my repair take?

On average we have a three week turn around time on most repairs. Certain repairs that require extreme detail may take four to six weeks. Rush service is available for an additional charge.

Where Is My Stuff?

We know you’re anxious to get your garment back. If you want to reach us click here.

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planning to drop off in nyc?

We are a trusted nationwide service with customers sending us garments from all 50 states.

For your convenience and for you to save on shipping costs we have a NYC local drop-off spot located at

1216 Broadway 2nd Floor-the entrance is located on 30th St.
New York, NY 10001

Please note! There is always someone to receive your items. However we do not offer on the spot diagnosis. We pick up daily from this location and we will call you once we review your item and then go over it with you.

For simple hole repair just drop off and join the fix it line!

If you need a body, sleeve shortening or hem knit alteration and are comfortable marking the length or width yourself and/or you or someone you know can pin it for you, you can drop it off and we'll take care of the rest.

If you would like to be pinned by a specialist, please book a private appointment either online or call us at 212-473-6363.

We're here to help and look forward to restoring your wardrobe!