Keep It Clean

Proper cleaning is the essential step you can take in maintaining your wardrobe for years!
We offer a variety of services to keep your clothing looking great.

  • Hand washing your delicate clothes can extend the life of your garments and save you money.

  • Some fabrics require special care.

  • Does you favorite sweater need some TLC?

    Send us your sweaters and our professionals will take care of all that pilling and fuzz.

  • Are you in NYC and live in doorman building?

    We’ll pick up your items free of charge!


Save those packets please!

You know those little packets of yarn that come with your new sweater? Don’t just yank it off with your price tag and throw it away. Keep it – because when you get a hole you will be glad you did.


The most common cause of mothholes? Dirt.

Don’t be afraid to dryclean or wash your sweaters by hand or on gentle delicate in your machine (now is the time to break out that mesh bag). Neither will harm your garment – in fact your cashmere and wool will feel even softer. Plus, washing away food and dirt will leave less behind for moths and other critters to munch on.


How did that hole get there?

You can blame inanimate objects like your belt buckle, your watch, your jewelry, your handbag, or if you live in NYC like we do, getting in and out of those cabs in a hurry.


What’s up with all these pills and fuzzies on my cashmere?

We’ve got good news and bad news on this one. The bad news is that cashmere will always pill. The good news is what you love about cashmere – its softness – is what makes it pill. Cashmere is a short hair fiber (we know you weren’t planning on a science lesson) which is why it’s so soft and comfy. Short haired fiber strands, when they come in contact with friction, toward fuzzing and then pilling. Antidote: Get yourself a sweater comb or shaver and maintain your sweater regularly, especially the hip areas and the underarm seams. (You know what we’re talking about!)


Snag – you’re it!

Get your snag to us before it gets worse. A snag is so much easier to fix when the yarn has not been broken. Most snags start as a pull and then end up as a tear because most of us keep wearing it without treating the snag. Next thing you know the snag rips and then usually runs! So catch your snag before it tears!

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planning to drop off in nyc?

Due to Covid-19 our Manhattan drop-off is closed.

We are receiving orders via SHIPPING or if eligible in Manhattan via LOCAL PICK UP. Please call us if you have questions regarding our service and process as we are here to help. 212 473 6363