Keep It Clean


“Exquisite craftsmanship”
“I have no idea how she does it”


You are miracle workers! I couldn’t be happier with the work that you did. The dress is perfect and there is absolutely no indication that there was ever any damage (or repairs) done! Amazing work! Thank you so much!!!

Charles M. Rowley, Massachusetts

I live in the greater boston area and mailed in two cashmere golf vests that were gifts from my wife. I cannot believe what a wonderful job they did. I am so glad that the folks at Alter Knit are keeping this profession alive and that I didn’t have to throw out my sweaters. Thank you Alter Knit!

Ann W. New York, New York

Night and Day!!!! from the botched up hack job my dry cleaners did to one of my favorite sweaters, my friend saw and referred me to Alter Knit. Now they know how to fix holes and they are super courteous, they told me how the repair would look and it was better than I thought they could do –Love Them!!!!!!!

Deborah H. New York, New York

I had two merino wool sweaters that I Loved even after twenty years. Alterknit completely and beautifully redid the stitching on the crew necks so I should have another twenty years!

Melanie G. Miami, Florida

Thanks to Alterknit my grandmother’s beautiful hand knit afghan was restored to perfection. I’m so happy to have this heirloom looking so nice for my family once again.

Frances F. New York, New York

I discovered you quite accidentally and am so fortunate. My Brunello Cucinello sweater is brand new again. Thank you.

Madelyn B. New York, New York

I was a lucky lady to find Alterknit and the amazing skills of Miriam. I work at Calypso St.Barth in NYC and tell all my customers about her. She did a meticulous job shortening two long cashmere duster cardigans from my store. I was thrilled at the exquisite craftsmanship it must have taken to shorten the very fine weave of the garment. You can not tell where the shortening begins or ends. I have no idea how she does it- but will go to her only to alter and repair any of my fine knits.

Lynne J. New York, New York

What an incredible service Alter Knit has been for me over the past four years. They have altered and repaired all my sweaters both owned and those purchased. Shortening, lengthening, making smaller, whatever needed to be done. They have been a lifesaver and the work is so professional. I cannot live without them!

Lisa I. Pebble Beach, California

Alterknit repaired my sweater so that the very large snag on the front of a $1000 designer garment was completely invisible. Alterknit also designed an extremely clever and difficult repair on a Chanel dress so that the dress is not only wearable again but one would not notice the work! Their communication is friendly and prompt and collaborative. This repair service is worth every penny and very reasonable when one considers the labor involved and the cost of replacing a damaged garment. They now have a moth-eaten cashmere sweater of mine for repair I recommend Alterknit without reservation! Try it and you will not be disappointed.


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planning to drop off in nyc?

We are a trusted nationwide service with customers sending us garments from all 50 states.

For your convenience and for you to save on shipping costs we have a NYC local drop-off spot located at

1216 Broadway 2nd Floor-the entrance is located on 30th St.
New York, NY 10001

Please note! There is always someone to receive your items. However we do not offer on the spot diagnosis. We pick up daily from this location and we will call you once we review your item and then go over it with you.

For simple hole repair just drop off and join the fix it line!

If you need a body, sleeve shortening or hem knit alteration and are comfortable marking the length or width yourself and/or you or someone you know can pin it for you, you can drop it off and we'll take care of the rest.

If you would like to be pinned by a specialist, please book a private appointment either online or call us at 212-473-6363.

We're here to help and look forward to restoring your wardrobe!