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Available from all 50 states. You will receive a pre-paid shipping label via email and an order summary to print out and include with your item(s). If you are international, please contact us.

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Same day pick up service is available in SELECT zip codes within the 5 boroughs of NYC from 24HR RESIDENTIAL doorman buildings.

Door to door at your service

Delivery is complimentary from 24 hr. residential doorman buildings in Manhattan when you use our service. In the event that we are unable to fix your garment(s) or you decline service, delivery fees will be applied.


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reknitting for knits

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8. Has this garment been previously repaired by a dry cleaner or another individual?



9. Has this garment been recently cleaned?

Cleaning will only make holes bigger and incur higher repair cost. Please let us examine your garment first. If the garment has already been cleaned before you found us, don't worry.



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Repair cart review

This is the preview of all current repairs in the order. Please make sure all information is correct and any missing information is filled in to the best of your ability. We look forward to receiving your garment shortly.

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      Please remember to include your order summary with your items and sign the agreement, so we know who you are and what you are sending to us.

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      How to prepare your order

      No tape please!

      Please DO NOT put tape anywhere on your garment(s) to indicate holes. As part of your service with us, we will thoroughly examine the item for all damages.

      No washing needed.

      Please DO NOT clean your garment(s) before submitting your request. Any cleaning process will make the hole(s) bigger, incurring you additional costs. If you have already cleaned it, don't stress it! We are here to help.

      Sending us a suit?

      If you need an item to be rewoven and it is part of a suit, please provide us with both pieces.

      Just the item, please!

      Due to the heavy amount of orders we receive and limited studio space, please DO NOT include any hangers, hanging bags, or reusable bags that you want returned as we cannot store them for you while you are in line for repair.