Keep It Clean


Sweater Repair

Through a process known as REKNITTING, our repair team uses yarn from the original garment to REKNIT the damaged area matching the pattern and style. The work is done by hand and most times under a magnifying glass to make sure that it’s done just right.

Suit Repair

For small damage on suits our repair team uses a method known as FRENCH REWEAVING, where the damaged area is rewoven. For larger damage on suits, a piece of fabric is taken from an unnoticeable area of the garment and is inlaid, matching the pattern of the garment exactly. In some cases, a faint outline might show.

General Garment Repair

Even if the garment isn’t a knit or woven we specialize in finding solutions for your damaged garments. Give us a call or send a picture. We’ll see if there is anything that we can do to salvage it.

Knit Restyling

Have an ill-fitting knit? Sleeves too long? Love the sweater but hate the turtleneck? Kept your New Years’ resolution and lost 25 lbs? We can alter sleeves, remove a turtleneck, shorten etc. It’ll look like you bought it that way.


Does your favorite sweater seem unwearable due to accumulated pilling? Send us your sweater and our professionals will take care of all that fuzz.


You’ve been requesting more services, and we like to oblige, giving your clothes the same attention and care that you’ve become accustomed to from us.

Hand Washing Service

Yes, we now offer hand washing. We will carefully hand wash, dry, fold and return your garments ready to wear.

Shoe & Handbag Repair

Shoes and Handbags need some attention? Just send them in along with your garments.

Our are extensive. We replace soles, shorten heels, rebuild heels, taps, re-stitch and even keep those Christian Louboutin red bottoms, red.

For handbags replace zippers and hardware, redye, clean and much more.


We provide alterations from the simple to the complex. We can put an original hem on your favorite jeans, replace a zipper or the lining of a coat to more major adjustments.

Bridal Services

Getting married? In a wedding? Our team will give your dress alteration the attention to detail that it deserves. We have years of experience and we want to help you look and feel beautiful.

Garment Cleaning

Garment cleaning is the best way to maintain your clothing. We work with the best in the business. If you are shipping your garments to us, remember to indicate that you would like cleaning on your PACKING SLIP.

New Yorkers, give us a try. Schedule a Pickup.

Questions? We’re here for you. Give us a call 212. 473. Mend (6363) or shoot us a email here 

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planning to drop off in nyc?

Due to Covid-19 our Manhattan drop-off is closed.

We are receiving orders via SHIPPING or if eligible in Manhattan via LOCAL PICK UP. Please call us if you have questions regarding our service and process as we are here to help. 212 473 6363