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Sweater Repair

Through a process known as REKNITTING, our repair team uses yarn from the original garment to REKNIT the damaged area matching the pattern and style. The work is done by hand and most times under a magnifying glass to make sure that it's done just right.

Suit Repair

For damage on suits our repair team uses a method known as reweaving matching the color and pattern to provide a seamless repair.

General Garment Repair

All is not lost. Even if your garment requires a different solution other than reknitting or reweaving we specialise in finding solutions for your damage garments. Give us a call or send us a picture and we can see if there is anything we can do to salvage it.

Knit Restyling

Have an ill-fitting knit? Sleeves too long? Love the sweater but hate the turtleneck? We can alter sleeves, remove a turtleneck, shorten etc. all by hand. It'll look like you bought it that way.


Does your favorite sweater seem unwearable due to accumulated pilling? Send us your sweater and our professionals will take care of all that fuzz.

Hand Washing Service

Yes, we offer hand washing. We will carefully hand wash, dry, fold and return your garments ready to wear.


We provide alterations from the simple to the complex. We can put an original hem on your favorite jeans, replace a zipper or the lining of a coat to more major adjustments.

Garment Cleaning

Garment cleaning is the best way to maintain your wardrobe. Remember to select cleaning when placing your order.


Can I get a ballpark?

It's just one hole!

We need to examine your entire item in our work studio because we have been doing this for a very long time and what might appear to you as a small hole could in reality be 17 small holes! So please let us do our job. Your garments' examination is complimentary.

Our repair service starts at $35.00. Bear in mind that this is the minimum you can expect to pay for a repair. There are factors that go into the pricing that we simply cannot determine without a thorough exam. So we ask you for the opportunity to look at your items. Once we check the entire garment we will call you with pricing for your approval.

Where are you located?

Queens, New York

Can I drop by? Our work studio is located in Astoria, Queens, New York. We know you would like to visit but due to the high intensity nature of the service we provide we do not accept walk-ins. All shipped in orders go to a secure package facility to ensure the safety of your items so you can feel confident that your order has been received.

How long will it take?

Typically 4-6 Weeks

We are working on a 4-6 week turnaround time. However, if you have an upcoming event, vacation, or you can't live without it, please let a team member know when they call you to go over your order. We offer a rush service for an additional fee.


Heads up!

Price of repairs are not based on the original cost of the garment.

Repair quotes are based on the time and required solution.
Estimates are for labor only and do not include material costs, shipping/delivery fees, or additional services. Every garment has unique damage and requires a personal exam to determine the best route back to perfect health. AlterKnit is a service business, and we do not sell fixed products. All our final pricing is determined through a hands-on professional assessment at our work studio.

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Can I Bring My Items To Your Shop In Queens, New York?

We know you would like to visit but due to the high intensity nature of the service we provide, we do not accept walk-ins.

How do you match the yarn so it looks invisible?

First we invisibly 'harvest' the yarn from the garment itself. We also have an extensive in-house fiber library.

Can you get stains out?

Yes we can.

I have a torn neckline — can you reattach it?

Yes, this is a very common repair.

Do you shorten sweaters?

Yes, we shorten all body lengths as well as sleeve length while maintaining the original hem detail.

What brands do you repair?

If you love it we fix it! All brands are welcome.

Can I Get A Repair Estimate Before I Submit My Order?

You can email us, or text, or chatbot pictures for us to see if your items are a good candidate for the services we provide. We cannot give any estimates or ballparks before we see your particular item in our studio. Please don't tell us it's just a small hole, we know it may appear to be just small or only one hole but what you see and what we see maybe two different things. Remember all invisible repairs are done by hand and are time intensive.
Our promise is to provide a complete restoration so we need to give it an in-house exam.

Your Pictures Look Amazing, Are They Real?

We get that question a lot and we are proud to say YES! What you see is what you get, we provide top shelf repairs the old fashioned way stitch by stitch.

Do You Receive Orders From Outside Of The United States?

Yes. We use USPS with tracking to deliver your order back to you. You can also include a pre paid return shipping label in with your order.

How Long Will The Repairs Take?

Once you approve the repair quote and provide payment you can expect to wait approximately 4 weeks for your repair to be completed. However the length of time depends on the complexity of the work.

What If I Decide I Do Not Want To Proceed With The Repair?

If after receiving your quote you decline service we return your items to you. You are responsible for all applicable delivery fees.


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