Sweater Repair

Restoring Sweaters Professionally

At Alterknit, we recognize the inconvenience of damaged sweaters. We know how upsetting it is to find your favorite sweaters eaten by moths. Our goal? Bring functionality and style back to your knitwear, regardless of the damage. Our artisan sweater repair services will meticulously restore your garments.


Mastery in Invisible Mending

Like we were never there, our invisible sweater repairs leave no trace. We use traditional techniques such as French weaving, inweaving, and reknitting to return your garments to their original form without noticeable stitches or patches. These machine-less methods demand the human touch, achievable only by a skilled hand, and our tailors are masters at the art.


Bespoke Sweater Repair

Leveraging traditional methods and precision attention, our pros diagnose and address each issue with decades of expertise. Whether damage is from pests or accidental snags, each repair is individualized to your sweater’s unique damage and needs.


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